No but…

Outlast band AU.

They’re rock group called “The Variants”. Eddie’s the lead singer because of course he is, Rick is on lead guitar, Chris is the drummer and Frank plays bass and stares at everyone.

Jeremy is their sleazy as fuck manager.

Waylon is the tech guy for their shows and is constantly an inch away from quitting because the record label are shady as fuck and Eddie won’t stop hitting on him.

Miles is a reporter trying to get the story that will make his career and keeps breaking into their hotel rooms. He’s been punched by Chris and Rick shut his hand in a door, but he hasn’t pressed charges because he doesn’t want to explain what he was doing there.

Eddie and Rick do most of the talking in interviews. They call each other ‘Darling’ and ‘Buddy’ but everyone knows they can’t stand each other. They each think they’re the Lennon to the other’s McCartney. 

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I’ve seen quite a few pieces of fanart featuring teenager!Eddie, and most have them have been adorably heartbreaking/terrifying, but I’ve noticed that most people seem to draw him as being a lot shorter than adult!Eddie…

See, I’m just thinking back to all the guys I knew as a teenager, and the pattern I noticed was that the really tall ones got to be about their adult height by the time they were 16 or 17, but didn’t fill out until they were in their early 20s. So they spent a few years as gangly scarecrow people with ridiculous long drinking straw limbs, and hands and feet that were too big for them. Then their muscles caught up with them and their bodies started to make sense and a lot of them turned out super hot.

So yeah, someone needs to give me gangly baby giraffe Eddie.

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You know how in Outlast as you’re walking around you see a lot of beds that are just bare, stained mattresses?

Now, I know that those are there to go with the whole ‘abandoned asylum’ aesthetic that the game has going on, but as the asylum wasn’t really abandoned in the traditional sense, and before the events of the game they were at least keeping up a pretence of being a legit mental health facility, there’s no real reason why all those beds would be stripped like that.

…So now I’m just kind of picturing Eddie walking around near the beginning of the riot, stealing bedsheets for fabric for his wedding dresses. Humming to himself as he does so. Everyone else keeping their distance because dude is scary.

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Does anyone know if there’s a Night Vale meet at the MCM Expo in London this month? And if so what day it’s on?

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So, I made a Welcome to Night Vale charm bracelet.
The charms are:
A dragon
A fleur de lis (boyscouts/Earl)
An angel
An eye
A wine bottle (drink to forget)
A crescent moon
An Erlenmeyer flask
A spider
A microphone
A crystal ball (prophecies) 
A cat
A key
A book
A radio
A bird of prey
A ghost
A question mark
A pyramid
A microscope
A squid
A slice of pizza (gluten free)
An orange
A rainbow (our little desert queertopia)
A cactus
Six purple beads
At some point I’ll probably make a glow cloud charm and I think I might have a wolf on order, I can’t remember…

So, I made a Welcome to Night Vale charm bracelet.

The charms are:

At some point I’ll probably make a glow cloud charm and I think I might have a wolf on order, I can’t remember…

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My Eddie lenses arrived today - really hoping they’re opaque enough to actually cover my brown eyes because I’ve been burned on that before. It’s bothering me enough that I can’t do the hair right (though I could get my undercut redone before then, I’m just not shaving the sides of my head).

…Yeah this casual, “suitable for Halloween but not anything more serious”, “only happening because I already have most of the stuff”, “essentially a closet cosplay” Eddie Gluskin costume is turning out to… not be that. I’ve got lenses, I’m having one of my oldest shirts sent so I can stain it and stitch it up, I’ve got tape and stage dirt to mess with my waistcoat and make sleeve garters…

This is Newt Geiszler all over again.

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I’ve just been watching “11 Drunk Guys” play Whistleblower, and a comment one guy made just made me actually realise for he first time how fucking tall Eddie is.

The thing is, as a DFAB person, you’re kind of used to looking up at cis guys. Unless you’re tall and they’re short, you’ve generally got an eye level that’s somewhere around their chest or shoulder. So for me, watching playthroughs, the fact that you have to look up at Eddie didn’t really register as odd. 

Until of course that guy reminded me that oh yeah, I’m not my little 5’4” self, I’m supposed to be average-height-for-a-cis-dude-and-therefore-like-five-inches-taller-at-least Waylon. Which means Eddie’s fucking huge. You don’t have to look up like that at anyone else.

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There’s an abundance of bad things happening right now, and it’s hard not to be sucked into that black hole of sadness, so let’s have a puppy party shall we.









Because, let’s face it, dogs never grow up.









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I have never played a video game in my life, why am I the only person in this house who has heard of Outlast?

Probably/definitely going as Eddie Gluskin for Halloween. Thank you lets plays.

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